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Water Pollution: Introduction

Water Pollution: Introduction

Author: Ashley Sos

 In this concept, you will learn how water is polluted.

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Water Pollution

" Water has the remarkable ability to renew and cleanse itself.

When waste materials are deposited into a receiving stream, they often settle out, breakdown, or become diluted in the stream.

However, pollution can occur if too much of a substance or too many substances are discharged so that it overwhelms the capacity of the stream to assimilate the substance(s) or cleanse itself.

Water pollution may occur if even just a little of a highly toxic substance is discharged (released) into a receiving stream (e.g., dioxin). "

Water Pollution - URGENT Water Pollution Facts and Water Crisis News

Water Pollution Introducation

   To carry out life processes, every organism needs WATER. On top of that, a good deal of those organisms also live in aquatic ecosystems (the water).

    In this pathway you will learn how humans have and are still, harming Earth's water systems. You will also look at how people are trying to improve quality of water. Since water is so crucial, it must be protected and used knowledgeably. But people aren’t and have not been doing this.  

You will be learning about sources of water pollution, nutrients in water pollution, and groundwater pollution.