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Water Pollution: Point Source and Non-Point Source

Water Pollution: Point Source and Non-Point Source

Author: Ashley Wall

Water quality and health

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Water Pollution- The Dirty Details

Types of Pollution : TAKE NOTES

We have all hear the word "pollution," most have even seen commercials or articles about it. But where does the pollution come from, and why has it become so apparent recently? Why worry about water pollution? We do not live in the water, why care?

Water makes up more then 70% of our planet. Without water, we would not excised. Our planet is the only on in our solar system that has enough water to sustain life. Which is how our planet got the nickname, "The Water Planet."

In 1972, (about 41 years ago, not so long in the skeem of things) an act was passed called the Clean Water Act. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) required standard for wastewater which were released by industry and local governments into Earth's waters. The act help stop industries from directly polluting our waters.

But yet, there is still pollution, and it's still getting worse. Why is this true?

Water pollutants can come from many different sources. Sometimes it is possible to find out where a pollutant comes from. Other times, which is most of the time, we have no way of knowing the exact source that caused it.

The two major ways we classify pollution are point source and non point source.



Water pollution can be classified into two main categories:

The difference between the two categories is simple.

1. Point Source Pollution:  

is pollution that comes from a single source, such as a factory or wastewater treatment plant.

2. Non-point Source Pollution

does not have one specific source, such as a factory.