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Water Video Notes-Cole

Water Video Notes-Cole

Author: Sheri Cole

Be able to:

1. Define and give examples of groundwater and surface water.

2. Identify sources of runoff and what happens to it.

2. Diagram and label the parts of an aquifer.

3. Explain the relationship between porosity and permeability.

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Water Video Notes

Watch this video (pausing and rewinding as needed) and take notes over its contents.

Source: Sam Youts

Water Note Sheet

Complete this note sheet (or hand-write your own notes) while watching and listening to the "water video" presentation above. Use your completed notes to answer the questions found within the submit form and bring your notes to class with you on Monday. If you complete the submit by 7:00 AM on Friday, April 11, 2014, you will be able to use your notes on the worksheet on Monday.


Source: Sam Youts