Watercolor Techniques

Watercolor Techniques

Author: David Ballinger

Watercolors are a very versatile material.  So I want students to research ways to use watercolors and share them with the class so that we would have a nice collection of techniques to use.  Additionally, if a student likes a technique another student posted they can try it out.

The following is what I gave to the students when explaining the lesson:

Instead of you researching all of the different techniques by yourself, everyone in the class will contribute one technique to the shared Google drawing that I created for your class. You will need to contribute the following information to the drawing:

1. Your Name
2. Name of Technique
3. Short description of how to execute the technique
4. Example of the technique

Please see the example I created in the middle of the drawing. Once everyone has collaborated on the document we can use it to learn about a bunch of different techniques. Please make sure your technique is unique.

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