Watercolor Techniques

Watercolor Techniques

Author: David Ballinger

Use the internet to research a watercolor technique and upload it to a class document.

Students were to add one watercolor technique to a class document in order to create a large, well rounded document for the whole class to enjoy.

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Hello 1st period art class,

For our next assignment we will be using watercolor paints. The great thing aboutwatercolors is there versatility. There are thousands of things you can do to them/add to them to make amazing effects. The Internet is filled with video and picture tutorials on how to create these effects. 

Instead of you researching all of the different techniques by yourself, everyone in the class will contribute one technique to the shared Google drawing that I created for your class. You will need to contribute the following information to the drawing:

1. Your Name
2. Name of Technique
3. Short description of how to execute the technique
4. Example of the technique

Please see the example I created in the middle of the drawing. Once everyone has collaborated on the document we can use it to learn about a bunch of differenttechniques. Please make sure your technique is unique.

Bring your chromebook to art with you on Monday and I will explain everything and you can ask questions.


Mr. Ballinger