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Water's effect on Earth's Materials

Water's effect on Earth's Materials

Author: Steven Baptista

HS-ESS2-5.Plan and conduct an investigation of the properties of water and its effects on Earth materials and surface processes.[Clarification Statement: Emphasis is on mechanical and chemical investigations with water and a variety of solid materials to provide the evidence for connections between the hydrologic cycle and system interactions commonly known as the rock cycle. Examples of mechanical investigations include stream transportation and deposition using a stream table, erosion using variations in soil moisture content, or frost wedging by the expansion of water as it freezes. Examples of chemical investigations include chemical weathering and recrystallization (by testing the solubility of different materials) or melt generation (by examining how water lowers the melting temperature of most solids).]

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Web Soil Map Assignment

Use this link to access the Web Soil Map assignment. Be sure to make a copy so that you may edit and enter your answers. (Hint: See video toward bottom of page for a tutorial, if you need extra help.)

Web Soil Map Assignment

PDF of Water pt 1 PowerPoint

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This slide offers some details of how granite is weathered.

This video is a neat watch. It will help you with these assignments.

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You may find this reference useful if you are struggling with the Soil Map Activity.