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Wave Sound and Light (Part 1)

Wave Sound and Light (Part 1)

Author: Saradhia Voltaire

What are the properties of waves and how can they be used?. Students will be able to describe that waves are reflected, absorbed, or transmitted through various materials. Students will Learn that: (a)Sound is a mechanical wave. A mechanical wave is a wave that transfers energy through matter. Specifically, sound is a wave that is produced by vibrating an object and travels through matter." (b) Light waves are transverse waves. 

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Waves: Frequency & Wavelength

Instruction: Complete the quiz

Source: Youtube:AtomicSchool

Introduction to Waves: Mechanical Wave

An introduction to Mechanical Waves which are defined and demonstrated. The fact that the medium is not displaced is demonstrated. Both Transverse Waves and Longitudinal Waves are also defined and demonstrated.

Source: youtube: Flipping Physics

Introduction to Sound

this is a close look at what sound is. Both linear and spherical wave fronts are animated. The human audible range is demonstrated.

Source: Youtube: Flipping Physics

Secret Sounds: a fun, at-home science experiment

Discover secret bells with just a wire coat hanger and string. This simple science experiment is sure to surprise you! Make sure to Go ahead and "Try It" We will discuss what you heard at the Zoom meeting on Wednesday at 1pm

Source: youtube: Science Beyond