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Wave Sound and Light (Part 2)

Wave Sound and Light (Part 2)

Author: Saradhia Voltaire

Students  Must view all of the videos there are 8. In the first video " Wave Machine "  there is a demonstration that introduces students to the properties of waves and the relationship it has with sound and light. The second video  showcases a lab where students are able experience and witness the similarities and differences between light waves and sound waves. The third video explains what are the characteristic properties of light and how can they be used? In the fourth video the Wave machine is used to demonstrate the movement of Light and sound and how they travel as waves. 

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Wave Machine

Instruction: Build your own Wave Machine

Source: Youtube: National STEM Centre


This is a lab. demo. that Mr. Becker does with his students at Oil City Middle School to show how sound and light waves affect mediums of water and air.

Source: Youtube:myjesus4217


Instruction: View the video "Introduction To Light | Types & Properties of Light " and take the quiz.

Source: youtube: Letstute

Sound & Light Travel in Waves

In this experiment, using a physical model of a wave helps to teaches and demonstrate sound and light waves

Source: Youtube:unsciencedemos