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Wave Sound and Light (Part 3)

Wave Sound and Light (Part 3)

Author: Saradhia Voltaire

In the first video students learn that: (a) Sound is a mechanical wave. A mechanical wave is a wave that transfers energy through matter. Specifically, sound is a wave that is produced by vibrating an object and travels through matter." (b)Light waves are transverse waves. However, because light can travel through space, it cannot be a matter (mechanical) wave like sound and light waves. Thus, the way that light interacts with matter can be different than the way that sound interacts with matter.” The 3 last videos are examples of three types of of projects that students are asked to design and Build

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Transmission of Sound

Instruction: View the "Transmission of Sound" video and Take the Quiz

Source: Youtube:Designmate Pvt. Ltd. - Official

Sound Experiment 1:

Instruction: The video provides unique experiments on creating a speaker phone. You are challenged to choose one of the experiments and create your own.

Source: Youtube: DIY Crafts

Experiment 2: Make a Mobile Phone Speaker Using Coke Bottle

Source: Youtube:Hack Guru

STEM Challenge :TOP 3 IDEAS For DIY Soda Can Mobile Speakers

How to make mobile speakers from soda can without using any electronics?
mobile speakers from soda cans (pepsi vs coca cola).

Source: Youtube:Marco’s HAX