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Waves Basics

Waves Basics


Students will understand the difference between longitudinal and transverse waves.

Students will demonstrate their knowledge of waves by creating a model of a longitudinal wave that includes compressions, rarefactions, and wavelengths.

Students will demonstrate their knowledge of waves by creating a model of a transverse wave that includes crests, troughs, wavelengths, amplitude, and frequency.

Students will be able to compare and contrast amplitude and frequency.

Students will learn the basics of waves, including the properties and characteristics of electromagnetic and mechanical waves. Students will understand that longitudinal, transverse, and surface waves fall into one of the two primary categories. Students will be able to create models of longitudinal and transverse waves as well as compare and contrast the properties of each.

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All About Waves...

This is a student video that describes in detail, the properties and characteristics of waves.

Source: Video created by Chandler Barrow