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Author: Alex Nilson

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The World Center of Baby (WCOB) is an innovative organization securing your interests and safety in the field of reproductive technology.

Today these offers seem to be excessively numerous because of the current amount of practicing clinics and agencies. We aim to protect you
from frequently occurring mistakes and provide you with the highest standards of medical care and legal support.

Our team is comprised of inspired professionals who have vast experience in the legal, medical, and client-oriented domain.
All our members have gained experience at well-known facilities and have now teamed up in order to create a higher level of quality service,
transparent communication, and the most efficient process for you.

We are proud of our ability to build long-term and trustworthy relationships with all parties throughout the working process.

We are open 24/7 for any requests. Feel free to apply to WCOB.

Your future children will be grateful you contacted us!

The WCOB works in cooperation with the Academic Medical Center (AMC)
and IVMED (Rodynne Dzherelo) medical centers, where the vast range of
specialists focus on a complex approach to the treatment of infertility

All the doctors are at the forefront of reproductive medicine in Ukraine
and the world. The medical team's experience, modern laboratory
facilities, and advanced equipment allows us to make an accurate
diagnosis and enhance the variety of treatment options.

Together we are staying at the top of new methods in the field of artificial reproductive technology.

The IVMED Clinic has
brought together reproduction specialists, urologists, embryologists,
endocrinologists, immunologists, andrologists, and genetics specialists
with more than 20 years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of
infertility. The professionalism and technical equipment of the clinic
allow their team to apply 100% of modern knowledge and methods in the
field of assisted reproductive technologies under the same roof.

The philosophy of IVMED is aimed at reproductive perfection, at the
heart of which are three key principles - Effective treatment,
Responsible awareness, and Individual support.

The IVMED Fertility Center combines high standards of infertility
treatment with a focus on algorithms developed by the expert councils of
the World Health Organization, the American Association of Reproductive
Medicine, the European Union of Reproduction and Embryology, and the
Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine.

The basic objective of their professional activity is positive confirmation of the long-awaited pregnancy of each couple.

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