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Weak Acid Dissociation - Ka

Weak Acid Dissociation - Ka

Author: carolyn fruin

Learning Targets:

  • I can explain how an acid can be weak in terms of "dissociation equilibrium".
  • I can write the the acid dissociation constant, Ka, for a weak acid.
  • I can use an ICE table to solve for [H+] or Ka for an aqueous solution of a weak acid.
  • I can calculate the pH of a weak acid using an ICE table.
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Textbook Notes: Calculating the Ka and [H+] of Weak Acids

These notes can be used while reading Chapter 18-3, pages 567-576. Try the sample problems given and be sure to ask questions in class if you get stuck anywhere or would like clarification on anything.


Power Point - Acid/Base Equilibria

This power point describes Acid/Base Equilibria and demonstrates how to solve for the pH of a weak acid or weak base.

Percent Ionization Notes

A sample problem worked out in steps describing how to determine the percent ionization of an acidic solution.


Determining the pH of a Weak Acid from the Ka

This video demonstrates how to determine the [H+] of a weak acid in order to determine the pH using the acid dissociation constant as a starting point.

Source: chemistNATE youtube channel

Finding the Ka Given pH usng an ICE Table

Given a pH, this example demonstrates how to calculate the Ka of a weak acid.
Yes, he's a little over enthusiastic, but clear.

Source: chemistNATE youtube channel

Worksheet 8.2 - Ka Problems Answer Key