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Author: Christian Murray

To allow students to master the basic German weather vocabulary through independent practice.

By watching some videos, doing some exercises the students will become masters of simple phrases about the weather.

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By the end of this tutorial you should be able to:

  • tell the season
  • tell the what the weather is today and the rest fo the week
  • tell what the weather is NOT.
  • tell the month and day 

The basic German weather words

This is the beginning video for weather words. It has some very simple phrases to learn.

Some useful Nouns about Weather

This is a video with some useful nouns that deal with German weather. There is a quiz that starts at 1:37 in the video.

Wetter und Jahrzeiten

Here is a lesson from Deutsche Welle that will allow you to make memory cards and learn on your own (away from a computer)


Claudia Kleinert 07.11.2012 The Weather Forecast for Germany in November

When you have watched all the other videos, give this one a try it's a real weather report from SAT 1, (a cable channel)!