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Weather phrases in Japanese - basic

Weather phrases in Japanese - basic

Author: Elena Yoo

Learning objectives:

  • To be able to identify key weather phrases and words in Japanese
  • Te-form verbs


Key phrases and words related to weather in Japanese

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weather phrases flashcards.

Unclick "Both sides" box and choose either language to practice. You may click the speaker icon to hear the sound.

List of weather related phrases and words in Japanese (basic)


weather phrases shadowing practice

Weather forecast in Japanese

(place) は (はれ/くもり/あめ)のち or ときどき(はれ/くもり/あめ)→のち=later, followed by, ときどき= occasionally
今日(きょうの)予想(よそう)気温(きおん)です。→ today's temperature forecast
最高(さいこう)気温(きおん)は〜で、(place)は(temperature)〜度(ど)の予想(よそう)です。→Today's highest temperature for (place) is as same as (place) and is expected to go up to ---degree.