Weather Systems
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Weather Systems

Weather Systems

Author: Nathan Lampson
This lesson will discuss the effects of the weather on living things.
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Weather is the state of the atmosphere in an area.  The weather that is typical to a region determines what types of organisms are able to survive.  Snakes are unable to survive in the weather of the arctic.  


Air quality can determine what organisms are able to survive in an area.  Air quality is the condition of the air in an area compared to the requirements for a species.  When air quality is poor, organisms can develop illness and have trouble breathing.



When columns of air that are different temperatures collide, they can form tornados.  Tornadoes are rotating columns of air that can be destructive. 


The earth's ozone is a layer of the upper atmosphere composed of ozone that protects organisms on earth from harmful space radiation.  When ozone is found near the earths surface it can be harmful to organisms.  Ozone is produced as a pollutant when sunlight and engine emissions interact.