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Weather Tutorial

Weather Tutorial

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Welcome students! Today you are going to be working on our flipped classroom at home! This lesson is all about weather and the four seasons. Be sure to watch the tutorials for the warm-up, step one, and step two. These videos will give you more directions on how to complete this assignment. You will be working through a Glogster, going outside, and writing to help you learn the most you can about weather! I will catch up with you again at the end! Ready...Set...GO!

Warm UP

Watch this video before beginning the Glogster!


Now...go to the Glogster and actively explore! Make sure to look at each season and watch ALL of the neat videos! Don't be afraid to spend a lot of time on this Glog. There is a lot of interesting information here that will help you come prepared to school! Be thinking about your favorite season and facts that you can share with the class!

Step One

Get ready to go outside! Make sure to tell an adult first! When you get outside, think about how you feel and decide what type of clothes would be appropriate for the current season.

Step Two

Almost done! After you have decided what you would need to wear, I want you to blog about what you would need to wear and what season we are currently in. Next, describe your favorite season and use supporting details from the Glogster to make your point. Be sure to respond to two classmates post's.

You're done! Yahoo! I hope that you have learned a ton about weather and the four seasons. Please come to class tomorrow with your letter prepared and ready to share with a friend! I am proud of your hard work!


-Miss Cranston