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Weather, Weather Everywhere!

Weather, Weather Everywhere!


This tutorial is designed to preface our classroom discussion surrounding weather patterns that we see day to day, and year to year. We will take a look at these patterns in this online session so that we will be ready to make connections in class.

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Let's Get Started

I want you all to think about the different kinds of weather we see throughout the year. There has got to be a reason behind that, right?

The video below tells us all kinds of cool stuff about the earth, sun, and how they affect weather patterns.

Be sure to try out the experiment mentioned at 2:00! Cool stuff!

Closing Up

Now that we are all a little more educated about how weather comes about, I want us all to think about ways that these things can affect even more weather patterns (clouds, leaves falling, etc.). Share your ideas with a friend/sibling/parent/grandma/dog and be prepared to come to class ready to dig deeper!