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Web based lesson

Web based lesson

Author: Joshua Jenkins

Sophia Pretension for EDIT 4170

5-LS1-1.         Support an argument that plants get the materials they need for growth chiefly from air and water. 

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Plants need water, air, and a place to drop roots

This lesson will demonstrate that plants need air water to create most of their nutrients


Plants absorb light energy from the sun, and the carbon dioxide that is in the air. They then use the H2O and the CO2 to create O2 molecules.

Watch this video to help you understand how the process of photosynthesis works.


Check out this article, there is a video as well. Both of these will help you answer questions on the quiz.

How do indoor plants get enough sunlight to create food?

Why do some plants do really well in less sunlight? If plants need sunlight to create their food why do you some plants do better when they get less light?

Look at these plants, and then go back to the Smithsonian website and explore some ideas. Write why you think some plants need more sunlight than others in the classrooms online discussion board. See what your classmates have said and respond to them.