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web-based lesson

web-based lesson

Author: Andrea Troglione

California Physical Education Model Content Standard 3.8 "Recognize the value of physical activity in understanding multiculturalism".

Objective: Students will teach a cultural activity to others to better understand the value of a multicultural environment.

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Groups will pick a country and determine an activity (dance, game, sport..) that is unique to or popular in that country.

After picking an activity, you will perform/teach/present to the class on the topic.

step by step

1- Pick a country

2- Pick an activity/dance/sport, something unique to that culture

3 - Share what you know

4- Read the included hyperlinks

5- Answer the BIG IDEA question

BIG IDEA- final activity

Using the three resources below, create a word doc and write a 100 word essay on why you think understanding another culture is important.


Read section 1, 2 and 8 only.

Read these articles on various cultural activities and why they are important