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Weebly Basics

Weebly Basics

Author: Nicholas Keith
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 Weebly is a drag-and-drop website creator that lets you create a professional-looking website for yourself or your classroom. Get connected with your parents and students by posting links, uploading files and embedding tutorial videos that can all be accessed from home.

1 Weebly: Getting Started

First steps to creating your website.

2 Weebly: Workspace

Figuring out what all those buttons are for...

3 Weebly: Adding a Text Link

How to get from where you are to somewhere else on the Internet.

4 Weebly: Image and Image Links

Insert an image and make it clickable.

5 Weebly: Embedding a Video

Getting a YouTube video ON your website (so people don't have to leave you to see it...)

6 Weebly: Adding Pages and Publishing

Add more pages, then publish so people can see all the hard work you've done.

Weebly for Beginners

You probably still have questions, and that's okay. Here's a link to the Beginner's Guide for Weebly from the folks who made it. They probably know some stuff about it.