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Weight & Width

Weight & Width

Author: Maria Tucker

In this lesson you will learn to distinguish and name different type weights and widths.

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Source: Image of Helvetica, Public Domain Image of Helvetica Neue, Public Domain Image of Baskerville, by Maria Tucker Image of Condensed font, by Maria Tucker Image of Expanded font, by Maria Tucker

Terms to Know

A weight of a typeface that is thicker than regular.


Part of a typeface name that describes width. Condensed typefaces take up less space along the baseline.


Part of a typeface name that describes width. Expanded typefaces take up more space along the baseline.


A weight of a typeface that is thinner than regular.


The normal weight of a typeface.

Set Width

A command in a computer graphics application that condenses or expands type along the baseline.

Type Weight

The thickness of a letter stroke.