Welcome Back to Music 4th & 5th

Welcome Back to Music 4th & 5th

Author: JD Ward

Developing a basic overview in reading music for students in grades 4&5.

This tutorial is not all inclusive, but is a general overview.  From it, many other tutorials will follow.



After going through this tutorial, one will be able to move forward to the next steps.

  • Reading Music Notes
  • Evaluating Note Values
  • Writing simple 4, 8 & 16 measures of music
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Welcome 4th & 5th Grade

It's going to be a great year!!!!

Instructions: Read Me First

Before you begin following the video tutorials, be sure:

  1. Listen to my audio instruction
  2. Have your music staff paper ready
  3. Use your note cards to make your cheat notes
  4. Write down any questions you would like to ask

Reading Music

Easy overview of introductory reading of music.

Basic Music Theory

This is more than you will ever need to know!
I only want you to focus on Part 1 (pages 13-40)
Be sure to use the study review

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