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Welcome to Developing the Essential Skill of Communication

Welcome to Developing the Essential Skill of Communication

Author: Essential Skills

 Identify the four elements of communication.

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"People will respect you. People will want to hire you, people will promote - if you communicate and if you do it effectively."
Molly Jones

The jobs of today look very different from the jobs our parents had. In the past, a college degree was enough to set you up for professional success. Today, employers want job candidates who also have the right skills to succeed.

That‘s why we partnered with top employers, business leaders, and recruiters to identify 10 SKILLS that are critical to performing your best — not just in one field, but across all industries. These are skills that will prepare you for the needs of any future employer and set you up for success in a world that is constantly evolving.

This course will focus on your communication skill. Communication is more than just our connection to the world around us. It’s a marker for success in our personal and professional life. Let’s take a sneak peek into the four skills you can use to become a communication champion. You’ll also meet experts who are already using these skills to reach their career goals.

This course will help you step up your speaking and writing skills, learn how to make your message heard, and give you the tools you need to face difficult communication obstacles.