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Welcome to Immunology

Welcome to Immunology

Author: Natalie Lenard


Students who successfully complete this tutorial will be able to do the following:

Explain the development of the immune system and its regulation

Compare and contrast the innate and adaptive immune responses

Explain the coordination of specific molecules, cells, tissues, and organs during immune responses

Compare and contrast immunological disorders and dysfunctions


Immunity is a complex subject, broken down into many different layers and areas
This is just a quick summary of the basics of the field―there’s MUCH more to come!

Understanding how immunity works allows us to:
Exploit it to prevent infections (vaccination)
Exploit it to treat illness (shutting down autoimmune disease or ramping up anti-cancer responses)
Provide safer organ and tissue transplants

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The slideshow is a summary of our first unit's material introducing the course content.

Source: adapted from Instructor Materials for Kuby Immunology 7th edition

Borrowed from Youtube, this animation describes humoral immunity.