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Welcome to Library Skills and Sources to help you SOAR!

Welcome to Library Skills and Sources to help you SOAR!

Author: Dorothy Hughes
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Baltimore County Public Library -- Under the Find Materials

Using this link Find Materials explore the six links under Books and More. Please select one link to use in your plan to tour a BCPL branch.

Source: Baltimore County Public Library. Find Materials. Web. accessed 11 October 2015.

Example of Power Notes

Power 1. Sports

Power 2. Basketball

Power 3. Court

Power 3. Hoop

Power 3. Orange ball

Power 2. Football

Power 3. Field

Power 3. Endzone

Power 3. Brown ball

Power 2. Baseball

Power 3. Field/Diamond

Power 3. Bat

Power 3. White ball

How to ... Cornell Notes

Cornell Note-Taking Skills with[U.S. English] closed captions

Source: SophiaTreeProductions Published on Sep 7, 2012

LTS 504 Module 2

Interactive Whiteboard to Support an Inquiry Process

Source: Hughes, D. M. 13 Sept. 2015

Plan -- Do -- Review !!!

Super 3 Research Model


Source: The "Big6™" is copyright © (1987) Michael B. Eisenberg and Robert E. Berkowitz. For more information, visit: Super3 information from created by Tami J. Little. Handout created by: Barbara J. Shoemaker, School Media Specialist, Mill Road Elementary, K-2 Red Hook Central School District, Red Hook, NY

Research, Study Skills ... Oh, No?!?

A student wanders into the school library and onto google in hopes of finding the answer to all his/her assignments.

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