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Welcome to Theatre Arts!

Welcome to Theatre Arts!


This lesson plan is for the first day of school and the objective is to help the students feel at ease and also excited about being part of Theatre Arts this semester.

We will go over introductions, house rules, syllabus, and getting to know you.

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Bettye Myers Middle School Theatre Arts Syllabus 2013

First day of class info.



The Inner Outer Circle/Guessing in Groups/I have never...

The Inner Outer Circle:

Have students stand in a big circle. Every other person should take one giant step inside the circle and turn around facing those in the outer circle. In other words, there should be two circles with the outer circle people facing inward and the inner circle people facing outward, and everyone should be face to face.

The teacher should generate a number (10 is plenty) of questions that will reflect the personal interests and experiences of the students. This may need to be adapted to the students' age and grade level. Some possible questions include:

What was the best movie you saw over the summer and why did you like it?
2) What qualities make a good friend, teacher, sibling?
3) What is the most embarrassing experience you ever had involving your parents?
4) What are you looking forward to this year?
5) What TV show do like or dislike and why?
6) Should the legal drinking age be lowered to 18 years old? Support your opinion.
7) If you could choose any one, which occupation do you think would be the best to have? The worst?
8) Name three things you like about living in your home town. Now name three things you dislike.
9) What kind of parent do you think you will be when you get older?
10) What is the most fun you have ever had at school?

Guessing in Groups  (6-8th) Supplies: Paper & Pencil/Group

  Place students in groups of five. Have each group gather one fact about each person in that group. One member of the group should give the list of facts to the teacher who will then present them to the class. The class then has to guess which member of the group fits which fact. This activity helps students get to know each other, but it also forces an analysis of how physical observations shape our perceptions of people. Afterward, a discussion about first appearances and perception can help students to break down some barriers and perhaps make friends with someone they may never have approached in a different situation.