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Welcome - Year 11 History - Cold War

Welcome - Year 11 History - Cold War

Author: Sian Viney

By the end of the tutorial students will also understand what topics will be covered in the unit of work on the Cold War and what expectations I have of the group.

The unit of work on the Cold War will build on student's previous knowledge of the Second World War and Causes of the Cold War and will be divided thematically (as opposed to strictly chronologically) into the following sub-sections:

1. Spies and Slogans - understanding the ideologies and politics of the era

2. Bombs, Guns and Harsh Words - a study of 'hot' wars and other crises of the period 1950 - 2000 

3. Leading the charge - getting to know the key personalities, leaders and influential figures of the time

4. Space Race - looking back to the beginning of the technological era

5. The way life was - how did the period of conflict influence the daily lives of people close


In each of the five sub-sections of study we will not only be learning about the key events, people and places of the Cold War, but drawing connection to the present day and our lives in country-town Australia.

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Lesson 1 - Introduction

VCE Study Design - Unit 2

The important sections of the VCE Study Design relevant to what we will be studying


How will I be teaching this unit?

Powerpoint slides giving information on the flipped classroom.

What is the flipped classroom?