Westorn Governer UNIVERSITY

Westorn Governer UNIVERSITY

Author: zameer 2016

Westorn Governer UNIVERSITY

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WGU SZT1 Community and Population Health - Entire Course ALL 4 Tasks

CPN1 WGU Capstone Business Plan

WGU RWT1 Business Research and Writing 

WGU MBA Decision Analysis - The Entire Course

  WGU GMT1 Human Physiology Labs Complete Course

WGU BGA1 (Capital Budgeting) Task 1 -5 - Complete Course


 WGU (AMT2) Service Line Development - Complete Course - All 4 Tasks 

WGU - Supply Chain - The Entire Course - All 3 Tasks

QAT1 Quantitative Analysis WGU Task 1- 5 - Complete Course

Organizational Management WGU Graduate Program - COMPLETE COURSE-all 3 tasks RJFT JFT RJFT2 JFT2 

Financial Analysis WGU Graduate Program- COMPLETE COURSE - all 5 tasks RJET JET RJET2 JET2 

Problems in Accounting ACA1 WGU-COMPLETE COURSE all 6 tasks

WGU - Entire Risk Management Course - A+ Work

EBT1: Evidence Based Practice and Applied Nursing Research COMPLETE COURSE WGU RN-BSN

Decision And Financial Analysis WGU Graduate Programs - Complete Courses All 9 Tasks

Decision Analysis WGU Graduate Program - COMPLETE COURSE - all 4 tasks RJGT JGT RJGT2 JGT2

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