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What are Kosher food laws?

What are Kosher food laws?

Author: Kate Sidlo
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What are Kosher Food Laws?

Many Jews follow food laws and eat only Kosher foods.  As with all religions, some Jews follow these rules very strictly and some don't follow them at all.


To learn more about the laws, watch the video below and answer the questions on your own paper.  The video is very short, so pause it or rewatch it as needed to answer the questions.


  1. What are three foods that are considered Kosher?
  2. What are three foods that are not considered Kosher?
  3. What two food groups cannot mix?
  4. In Kosher kitchens, meat is represented by what color?  Dairy is represented by what color?
  5. How does meat need to be prepared to be Kosher?
  6. Draw the mark that identifies a store-bought food as Kosher?
  7. Why do some Jews choose to follow Kosher laws?

Jewish Customs: What is Kosher? (From Discovery Education)

A short video introduction to Kosher Food Laws

Source: Discovery Education