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What are the 10 Skills?

What are the 10 Skills?

Author: Essential Skills

Define the 10 essential employability skills.

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The 10 Essential Employability Skills include skills that emphasize how we communicate and relate to others (Communication, Relationship Building, Self and Social Awareness), how we work to achieve goals (Initiative, Productivity, Results Driven), and how we adapt to change and solve problems in innovative ways (Agility, Technology, Problem Solving, Innovation). These skills are interwoven in how we work and engage with others, support other industry-specific skills, and continue to evolve as the future of work evolves.

Now, let’s start exploring the 10 Skills you’ll learn in the 10 Skills Certificate and beyond. Review the definitions for each of the 10 Skills and why each matters for the future of work. Think about ways you use each of these skills in your life now.

As you read through the chart above, you may have thought to yourself that you already practice some of these skills every day. That’s great news! It’s normal to feel stronger in some skills than others. How you feel about a skill can also change over time, depending on the project, task, or job you face. As you work through these courses, you’ll learn different ways to think about and use each skill, so that you can continue to build upon your strengths and develop the skills you need to reach your goals.

"Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence."
text-align: right;>Vince Lombardi, NFL player, coach, and executive

These 10 Skills are necessary for one to be successful in today’s workforce as well as to be positively positioned for the future of work. 

The 10 Skills act as competencies, overlapping and building on each other. By competency we mean persistent patterns of effective behavior enabled by knowledge, skills, and ability, and driven by motivations. Competencies are complex, but that complexity is necessary to capture the intricacy of human performance at work.

And that is exactly why we created the 10 Skills Certificate, a program driven by best practices in neuroscience and learning design and informed by a wealth of employer insights, created to provide simple, foundational building blocks of 10 Skills critical for success both now and in the ever evolving future.