What are the humans looking at in their initial position?

What are the humans looking at in their initial position?

Author: Emma Drink


Question 1What are the humans looking at in their initial position?The sunArtifactsShadowsEach otherQuestion 2After one is dragged out of the cave, the last thing that one sees is __________.the sunshadowsreflections in poolsobjects in the realm of the sunQuestion 3According to Plato, how do humans find themselves initially in the cave?Walking around searching for the truthShackled to their seatsWith the goal of moving out of the caveStaring at a fireQuestion 4According to Plato, the sun outside the cave is __________.happinessthe form of the goodthe truth for those in the caveheavenQuestion 5According to Plato, what would the people in the cave do to the person who had been outside the caveafter this person returned to the cave?Welcome himListen to the teachings of her new knowledgeTry to kill himMake him king of the realm of the caveQuestion 6Match the explanation with the appropriate Key Term-Purpose-Information-Point of viewA. General categories or ideas that humans use tointerpret and classify the information that comesinto their thinkingB. Those things that humans take for granted basedon their past experiential knowledgeC. The idea that nothing can be proven to be trueD. Data, facts, and observations that are used by-Assumptionshuman reason to understand its reality-Concepts-BreadthF. Thinking that demonstrates consideration ofalternative points of view-ClarityG The goal of objective of thinking.-LogicH. Gateway intellectual standard that determineswhether a statement is accurate or relevant-InferenceI. The frame of reference, perspective, orworldview that underlies one’s reasoning-Intellectual relativityJ. Combination of thoughts that are mutuallysupporting and make sense in combinationE. A step of the mind whereby someone concludesthat something is true based on something elsebeing true or seeming to be trueQuestion 7Define inference and assumption, and then explain the relationship between the two. Provide twoexamples of inferences that you made from assumptions that you have.Your response should be at least 75 words in lengthHessay-ans-_10547Question 8Describe two intellectual standards, and give examples of each from your own life.Your response should be at least 75 words in length.Question 9Describe the movement of the person in Plato’s allegory of the cave. Be very specific about the variousstages in this movement, and then please explain how this allegory relates to at least two intellectualstandards.Your response should be at least 200 words in length.

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