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What are the types of research papers?

What are the types of research papers?

Author: Peter Gauster

If you are starting college or further education, you may hear research papers discussed regularly. There are quite a few different types of research papers, so you must have a good understanding of their style and requirements. To help you during your college years, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular types of research papers. You’ll likely come across some of them during your time in college, so make sure you are familiar with their qualities and the expectations for each assignment.


As the title of this type of research paper suggests, you’ll argue about a specific topic within your essay. These papers usually cover more controversial subjects, and you’ll present two different opinions and arguments within your writing. This type should include facts and citations to back up the arguments, and you’ll also look at the advantages and disadvantages of each side. While you are presenting both sides of an argument, you should favor one opinion by the end of the paper. However, the main bulk of the writing should be delivered without bias and in a factual manner.

Compare and Contrast

Compare and contrast is generally used by anyone who is studying literature and will compare two separate pieces of work or authors within the text. As well as literature, it’s a popular option for social sciences, where you may need to compare two theories and points of view. The majority of this paper will support your thesis by comparing examples from the authors or writing. This style can be quite daunting for first-time writers, and you may want to consider the option to pay someone to do your research paper for you. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with reaching out for help when you are struggling with writing your research papers. You can pay someone to write a research paper online, and this will free up time for other projects you are more interested in.


Analytical papers are one of the most common forms of a research paper, and they are based around a topic that will be explored within the work. Usually, there is a question posed at the start of the writing, and the writer will begin by taking an unbiased opinion. However, throughout the topic’s exploration during the writing phase, you’ll find you develop a conclusion to the question. You should provide the reader with two sides of the argument, so they can use an analytical state of mind to consider their own opinion also. This type of research paper can be very enjoyable to write but involves a lot of critical thinking and analysis.


This style does as it suggests in the title and discusses the subject with facts. Writing research papers in this style will involve no emotion or opinions, and you’ll gather facts from your research to present the information required to the reader. Even in the conclusion, you won’t analyze your findings and leave the reader to draw their own conclusions about any covered topics. If you enjoy discussing a topic or sharing your opinion, you may find this writing style difficult to adopt. Remember, there is always someone to call on to help me do a research paper when struggling.

Cause and Effect

This logical form of writing is used in business or education, and cause and effect papers discuss the expected results from specific actions or implemented rules and regulations. Throughout the paper, you’ll examine the potential results that could occur when a particular action is taken. By the end of the report, you’ll reach a conclusion to suggest the best course of action to take in regards to the subject.

While there are many different types of research papers available, these are some of the most common options you’ll come across in your academic career. All of them have a clear layout and structure, and they all require different levels of input with your opinion and point of view. Remember, if you are struggling to adapt to a new research paper style, consider the option to pay someone to write my research paper. There’s no shame in choosing to pay for research paper writing when you feel overwhelmed, and the work will act as a good example for your future assignments.

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