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What College Students Really Think About Free Speech

What College Students Really Think About Free Speech

Author: Posla Radlow

In recent years, many college students have started noticing that there is no more campus free speech. Most of them are afraid of speaking their mind on campus because they think they might offend someone. You can feel this type of energy on any US college campus you visit. Students follow the rules of university censorship regimes and want to show that they respect everyone around them. But what do they really think about free speech in college?

According to a national survey of college students conducted in 2019, the majority feel like they can’t speak freely and honestly on campus. The average college campus is much different now than it was a few decades ago. This generation views the world differently and has strong opinions on diversity inclusion and freedom of expression. Generation Z wants to make sure that every person is treated respectfully, which is why they’re careful how they speak.

In a way, this generation may be struggling to try to figure out how to have an open society on campus. Most colleges have tried to support this new generation of students and created censorship regimes. However, it’s highly questionable whether these regimes really work. Although students may follow speech codes in fear of offending someone, there is good reason to think that they don’t support restrictions.

In a new report released by the Knight Foundation, it was found that the majority of college students in the United States don’t support speech restrictions. More than half of the students draw the line at hate speech and think that it shouldn’t be allowed on campus. This is a solid point, as there is no room for hate speech anywhere, especially at higher education institutions. Around 58% of students say that any hate speech regarding race, religion, and sexual orientation should not be tolerated. On the other hand, around 68% of students think they aren’t able to express their honest opinions on campus.

In the same report, it was noted that more than half of college women think that inclusivity is more important than protecting free speech. However, only 29% of male students share this opinion. According to a group of top professional speech writers who work for some of the best custom writing services online and collaborate with students closely, it seems as if most social and political discussions nowadays take place online.

It seems as if in today’s climate it’s more important to restrict hate speech online. Cyberbullying has become a serious problem, as it gives people the ability to say whatever they want to other people without any consequences. One of the main problems with online discussions is that it’s usually uncivil. Many students feel that hate speech wouldn’t be so common today if social media platforms banned it. Nearly 70% of US college students think that social media websites should restrict hate speech.

Something that most students agree on is that there should be restrictions on racial slurs. They also think that it’s important to have safe spaces on campus for any individuals that feel upset. However, then it would be best to establish free speech zones where people would be able to speak their mind without any restrictions.

Every student needs to have a good college experience, which is why it’s important to establish rules that everyone will be satisfied with. It’s worth noting that state government entities have the responsibility of enforcing campus censorship regimes. It’d also be important to establish which consequences people would face if they violate the free speech rights of fellow students.


Even though college students across the US follow campus speech codes, most of them don’t agree with these restrictions. Nevertheless, the majority of students think that any form of hate speech should not be tolerated. The new generation is especially vocal about social issues and diversity inclusion, which is why they’re faced with a different set of problems

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