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What Decisions Drive Instructional Development?

What Decisions Drive Instructional Development?

Author: Katie Hou

In this lesson, you will consider ways that theories and models related to technology can be applied to a unit of study.

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Notes on “What Decisions Drive Instructional Development?”


(00:00-00:12) Introduction

(00:13-00:33) Marzano’s Instructional Design Decisions

(00:34-01:41) Questions 1-3

(01:42-03:10) Questions 4-7

(03:11-04:01) Questions 8-10

(04:01-04:11) Reflection

(04:12-04:34) Summary

Additional Resources

Using Student Achievement Data to Support Instructional Decision Making

This clearinghouse provides data on the educational impact that interventions and instructional strategies have on student learning. This is a great resource for any teacher investigating strategies, interventions, and programs by effectiveness.

Design Thinking for Educators Toolkit

This toolkit provides ways for educators to be intentional and collaborative as they design solutions for their schools and classrooms. It is a great resource for educators who want to begin to use design thinking in their planning and delivery of instruction.