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What do you want to be brave about?

What do you want to be brave about?

Author: Deidre Pesola

After listening and watching a a familiar music video the student will infer meaning and then integrate their inference into a writing piece.

After taking the short quiz the students will meet with a partner to discuss the video and what they believe the message of the song is. 

Next the students will:

Write a short essay on what you want to  'Be Brave' about.  


  • What do you want to stand up for
  • Why you are passionate about it
  • What is/are your experience(s) with it

At the end of this assignment it is my hope that students have watched, listened and inferred the meaning of the song "Brave". Evidence of this will be the short quiz and written short essay that will show their understanding of what it means to be brave.

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"Brave" by Sara Bareilles

As Sara sings the song the actors in the video act out their own interpretation of the meaning of the lyrics.

Source: you tube

Written assignment

Today you will watch the music video for the song “Brave” by Sara Bareilles.  As you are watching try to understand and think what message the song is conveying.  What are the actors in the video trying to display for the audience?  What can you infer about the meaning of the song?


Reflect on the message and then discuss with a partner about their thoughts and inferences.  Were you both interpreting it the same way? If not, then why?  What were the differences? After your discussion, jot down some notes and reflections.


Write a short essay about something in your life that you want to be brave about? What steps will you take to be brave? What will “your brave” look like?