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What is a Chemical Reaction?

What is a Chemical Reaction?

Author: Aubrey Glidden

5-PS1-4.        Conduct an investigation to determine whether the mixing of two or more substances results in new substances. [**Clarification Statement: Examples of combinations that do not produce new substances could include sand and water. Examples of combinations that do produce new substances could include baking soda and vinegar or milk and vinegar.]

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Matter and Chemical Change

Read about matter and chemical change!


Source: Chem4kids

Chemical Changes

Source: Crash Course Kids

Chemical Reactions in Action

Source: Smithsonian Science Education Center

Big Question:

Now that you have learned about matter, chemical changes, and chemical reactions, answer the following prompt in your science journals.

Give an example of a chemical reaction. Describe the reaction and explain how you know it is a chemical reaction. You may cite evidence from the article or videos to support your reasoning.