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What is a floor plan (PRESENTATION)?

What is a floor plan (PRESENTATION)?

Author: Robert Diaz

Define the essential elements of a floor plan through a PRESENTATION plan. In this tutorial, a floor plan is defined along with its definitive explanation of a PRESENTATION floor plan. This tutorial explains what goes into a PRESENTATION floor plan.

In this tutorial, you will:

  1. Define a floor plan
  2. Identify key elements that make up a floor plan
  3. Explain how a floor plan is generated.
  4. Differentiate between a PRESENTATION FLOOR PLAN vs. a TECHNICAL.
  5. Understand how a PRESENTATION plan can be illustrated.


How to draw a floor plan.

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A Presentation Floor Plan

Usually, when you hear the word, "FLOOR PLAN", most people have a general idea of what it is. In this tutorial, you will explore what a floor plan is in terms of PRESENTATION PLAN.

Floor Plan Defined

A floor plan is an architectural drawing showing the spatial layout of a building. It is generated by having an imaginery horizontal line/plan that is cutting the building at 3'-4' from the base. The result is a "diagrammatic" drawing showing a wide range of information from rooms, structure, layouts, materials, dimensions, etc. A PRESENTATION floor plan is a floor plan but without the technical information such as dimensions, annotations, and technical details. 


In a presentation floor plan, you can have a floor plan showing the floor plan, text, layouts, furniture, floor finishes, and poched walls. Poche walls are walls that are shaded in, typically a dark to black solid fill color. Presentation floor plans are shown in the early and presentation stages of the building development. Usually you will see a drawing during a conference call, meeting, presentation, with a client, and the design development stage. The interior of a presentation plan reveal furniture, cabinetry, and floor finishes; all which have a lighter line-weight. 


Typically, a floor floor plan has both interior and exterior walls. The exterior walls are anywhere from 6"-24" thick while the interior walls are 4"-8" thick. The various thickness is the result of different materials. 


On a presentation floor plan, windows are indicated by either a thin single line or a series of details. 


You can also use color on a PRESENTATION floor plan to define spaces.

What is a floor plan?

How to identify a floor plan as an architect.

Floor plan basics

Read this article. You will have homework and potentially a quiz on this reading.


Source: Architectural Drawing and Light Construction, by Philip A. Grau

House Plan Types

1. Residential House Plan



2. Mansion Residential House Plan



3. Small Residential



4. Commerical/Retail Floor Plan




5. Office Floor Plan