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What is a literature review, and how to write one?

What is a literature review, and how to write one?

Author: Sean Hill

What is a literature review?
Many students, when assigned to try to to a literature review, will ask themselves, one another , and their professors this question. this is often because the literature review may be a genre that's only required once students have reached a complicated level during a particular subject. Therefore, it's likely that the majority college students don't have a background in literature review writing. So, what are literature reviews? Literature reviews are comprehensive overviews of research on one and specific subject. Literature reviews are essentially long summaries of knowledge collection. they're not research papers, because the scholar isn't expected to discuss the research.

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What is a literature review's objective?
The primary purpose of a literary report is to supply a summary of all of the main works existing on one , specific subject. this is often finished two reasons: (1) in order that the researcher is conscious of all of these works and their implications in order that he or she will perform research therein area that's not replicating the prevailing research but building thereon , and (2) in order that readers of the literature review can understand the background information and knowledge existing on the topic .

What is a literature review's context?
Literature reviews are commonly included in dissertations and in scholarly journal articles. during this context, the literature review provides a background of existing research before the article or dissertation writer presents his or her own research within the area. This proves that the researcher's study is grounded in existing research.

Who is that the audience for a literature review?
Typically, the audience for a literary report is a tutorial audience that has some familiarity with the topic or a minimum of the discipline during which the literature review is written.

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What are literature reviews' conventions?
Literature reviews are written in third-person academic prose. Each study discussed is completed so in its own paragraph or set of paragraphs. Literature reviews don't provide commentary on these studies, but merely report on them. Literature reviews accessible commenting on further research that must be done on the actual subject of the literature review.

What are literature reviews' citation rules?
The citation sort of a literary report will depend upon the discipline during which the review is being written. Most literature reviews within the social sciences will use APA style. Literature reviews within the humanities will use MLA.