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What is a Personal Device Classroom?

What is a Personal Device Classroom?

Author: Angie Kalthoff

Discover best practices of using iPads® and other tablet devices in the classroom by learning the steps to integrating personal devices into your classroom. Follow the steps outlined in this tutorial to increase engagement and motivation. This tutorial provides resources, links, and support to help you establish a highly engaged classroom with personal devices as powerful teaching tools. 

Describe the teaching and learning implications when using iPads®/personal devices in the classroom.

Determine the criteria for evaluating applications to be integrated with classroom instruction using iPads®.

Choose a lesson to use with an iPad®

 Begin creating an iPad ®lesson using as the platform

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What is a personal device classroom?

Live Links

Below are the links from the presentation. You can also find them by downloading the powerpoint and linking directly from there.



The following are links to past and current articles for you to explore

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What is a Personal Device Classroom?

Before you move on...

  1. Think about where you are with your classroom and the amount of technology you have integrated.
  2. Think about where you would like to be with your classroom and the amount of technology integration.
  3. Have you explored the articles to see how educators across the country are using tablets in their classrooms?