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What is a Pronoun?

What is a Pronoun?

Author: Janice Davis

By the end of this tutorial, students will be able to:

  • identify the purpose of a pronoun.
  • identify  and explain the three forms of pronouns.
  • identify personal pronouns in sentences.
  • define the antecedent of a pronoun and identify the pronoun's antecedent in a sentence.

Watch these videos for help as you embark upon the adventure of pronouns!  Take time to rewind, pause, or watch again if you need more help.

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These two videos are perfect to help you complete the homework pages.  What?   You forgot your homework pages at school?  Oh my.  Lucky for you, you can get them by clicking the link below, downloading the file, and printing it at home.

Click Here for the "What is a Pronoun" worksheets.

Make sure you watch both videos to help you with these worksheets.  Then, take the quiz on the right to see how much you've learned.  You never know ... those questions might be on the classroom quiz or test!


Schoolhouse Rock Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla (Pronouns)

Flash back to the 70's with this awesome music video about pronouns! Listen and watch carefully. You will learn about all the pronouns you need for today's homework. You might even learn about a few extras that will come later in the year.

What is a Pronoun? (with Mrs. Davis)

Need a little extra help through today's homework? Follow along with Mrs. Davis in this short video as she guides you through some of the basic directions and rules.