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What is a Tech Integrated Classroom?

What is a Tech Integrated Classroom?

Author: Paula Dillon

This first lesson looks at the research and best practices for teachers as developed by TPACK and the SAMR model of using technology in the classroom. 

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What is a Tech Integrated Classroom

In this lesson you will learn 

  • What is a tech integrated classroom?

  • Why is content and pedagogy important when developing lessons with integrated technology?

  • What is the SAMR Model?

  • What is the TPACK Model?


PART 1: Description of a Tech Integrated Classroom

Overview of the focus and elements in a tech integrated classroom.

Source: Paula Dillon 2013

PART 2: Technology in Education: TPACK Model

Overview of the TPACK model of technology integration.

Source: Paula Dillon

PART 3: Technology in Education: SAMR Model

Overview of the SAMR model of technology integration.

Source: Paula Dillon

ISTE NETS Standards for Students

Technology Standards for Students. Be certain to review the standards for teachers and administrators at as well.



Heidi Hayes Jacobs: Strategic Upgrading of Lesson and Curriculum with Technology

Heidi Hayes Jacobs explains how to take an existing lesson/curriculum unit and strategically upgrade.

Source: TEDxNYED - Heidi Hayes Jacobs - 03/05/2011 via Youtube

Before You Go On...

  1. Have you considered your philosophy in integrating technology into your instruction?
  2. Have you considered your purposes in embracing this ideology?
  3. Have you considered how TPACK and SAMR is going to affect your lesson planning and delivery for that specific lesson?
  4. Have you considered a lesson to upgrade with technology integration?
  5. Have you thought about how to select the best tools to align to your instructional practices and content?

What is a Tech Integrated Classroom?

I have included the video screen cast "What is a Tech Integrated Classroom" as a Google Doc to allow you to copy and make changes to meet your current needs. Click on the words "Google Drive" in the lower right corner of the slideshow below to open and copy the presentation.

Source: Paula Dillon

References and Additional Resources

To view the the resources used in the above presentations or to learn more, check out the following:

Source: Compiled by Paula Dillon