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2 Tutorials that teach What is a Tech Integrated Classroom?
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What is a Tech Integrated Classroom?

What is a Tech Integrated Classroom?

Author: Nichole Carter

This first lesson looks at the research and best practices for teachers as developed by TPACK and the SAMR model of using technology in the classroom. 

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Part 1: What is a Tech Integrated Classroom?

In this lesson you will learn:

1. Definition of tech integrated classroom.

2. The two big models for lesson design and understanding of tech integrated classrooms the SAMR and TPACK Model.

3. The importance of thinking of these models when developing lessons using technology. 

Part 1 Video

Source: Created by Nichole Carter

Before you move on...

1. Have you thought about where you personally stand on tech integration? How do you see technology being used in your classroom to redefine what you do?

2. Have you thought about teaching students to use technology in an academic environment?

3. Have you explored what technology you have access to and what will work best for your content area?

SAMR Model in 120 Seconds

Prezi Used in Video

Source: Created by Nichole Carter

SAMR and Coffee

SAMR Model Example from Kathy Schrock's KaffeeKlatsch

Source: From Kathy Schrock's KaffeeKlatsch