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What is Blended Learning?

What is Blended Learning?

Author: Susan Hall

Learning Targets:

Participants will be able to identify characteristics blended learning models

Participants will be able to create a visual representation of a blended learning models

Participants will be able to identify benefits  and cautions of implementing blended learning environments.

Blended learning models are presented in print and video/audi formats.

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Blended Learning Models & The Future of Education

What are the models of blended learning? This overview explains the Alpha model as well as the difference between using and teaching technology.

Source: Markoff, Monique. "Click Here-- Blended Learning and the Future of Education: Monique Markoff at TEDxIthacaCollege." YouTube. TED X, 6 May 2014. Web. 26 May 2015.

Definitions of Blended Learning

Use the link below to read about blended learning models.


Based on the TEDx Video and this reading, chose a model and create a visual interpretation. 

Source: Thompson, Jill. "Choosing a Blended Learning Model." Inside the Classroom outside the Box. Jill Thompson, 07 Sept. 2014. Web. 26 May 2015.