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What is Chemistry and how can it be Applied

What is Chemistry and how can it be Applied

Author: Mario Rendón

Understand the concept of chemistry through various media resources.

Learn which carreer paths are related to chemistry.


Chemistry is the science that studeis subsrances and the changes they may unedrgo. It is the most notable branch of the sciences, as it is applied everyday in our surroundings. It backdates from prehistoric times. Some careers that involve Chemistry are: Engineering, Forensics, Perfume Maker, Police Department, and even Firefighters!


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Try to watch this 4 videos before our next meeting. We will discuss several topics concerning the videos.

First, each one of us will say the first word that pops to his or her mind when they think of Chemistry.

Then, each students will tell us what he or she will like to work of when being an adult and how suck picked career relates with Chemistry.

We will identify several several keys of the last video. Did you notice dots revolving around each "element"? Why do you think so? Why do you think water melted into water at the end of the video?

All of these and more questions to be discussed during our next meeting. 

Definition of Chemistry

Understand why is Chemistry the Central Science.

Career Paths in Chemistry

Oxygen and Friends