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What is Citation?

What is Citation?

Author: Caitlin Malik

To instruct students in the use of MLA and APA citation

Essential Questions:

How can I avoid plagiarizing?

What are APA and MLA citation formats?

How do I use a correct citation format?

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Tutorial Aspects:

  1. how to avoid plagiarizing
  2. what is citation?
  3. what formats exist?
  4. how to use APA and MLA format?


Learning Plan:

Tuesday: Finish reading and / or watching the powerpoint presentation / video. Both contain similar information.


Megan Lowe,




Further help with APA:


Further help with MLA


Focus on the tutorial aspects.


** Assessment **

Select 3 citations from textbooks or books at home. 1 from each text.

Identify parts of the citation, e.g. title, author, date etc.

Determine whether citation is APA or MLA


Don't forget about quiz - certification required by Friday:


Wednesday Class Prep:

Students will be creating their own Works Cited list written in either APA or MLA format.

List will include a range of source types (books, articles, documentaries etc)



... see Tutorial 3 for Wednesday / Thursday