What is Economics?

What is Economics?

Author: Jason Lenz

Explain the concept of economics and it's impact on our daily lives.

Instructional Steps

  1. Watch the video, "What is Economics?", at home.
  2. In groups, create a collage that answers the question: What is Economics?
  3. Students can draw and or use magazines to complete their collage.
  4. Students will share and discuss their finished collage with the class
  5. Take a 3 * 3 quiz (name three ideas, concepts, names, and/or terms that you remember from this lesson) over the lesson and turn in for a grade.
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The video describes the concept of economics and it's relevance to the world we live in.

Source: Petersen, G. (Producer) (2012). What is economics? [Web]. Retrieved from http://youtu.be/2YULdjmg3o0