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What is needed to write a literature review?

What is needed to write a literature review?

Author: Posla Radlow

A literature review is a type of writing that discusses specific information about a given subject. It can be in the form of a little summary of the information gotten, and in a more organized form. Simply put, the major aim of writing a literature review is to combine and compare the ideas and arguments of others.

Here in this article, you will find information on what is needed to write a literature review.

Writing a Literature Review - What You Need

Before we go on, note that the steps required to write a literature review are quite different from the ones you need to write a successful lab report. That said, below are the steps required to come up with a great literature review:

Step One: Narrow your topic and select papers accordingly

Before going on to search for the books or articles that you would use for your research, you must first decide on the subject matter you intend to write on. Think about what interests you and what interests other researchers in your field. Limit your scope to a smaller topic area. Conclusively, ensure that the materials you get are specialized in the areas you've chosen to write about.

Step Two: Research and gather the needed materials

Before writing, ensure that you have gathered the needed materials. The library is a good source to check from. However, if you are using the internet, it is advisable to seek information from credible sources only. You can also find excerpts that are relevant to the subject areas you are working on to boost your research. They will help you while writing your paper.

Step Three: Categorize the literature

What is the main theme of your literature review? Sort it out and assemble papers with similar topics together. In cases of excerpts that you can't seem to figure out the topics they belong to, keep them separately, and go through them again. You will most likely find new categories for them.

Step Four: Organize the selected papers by looking for patterns and by developing subtopics

During the process of organizing your papers, it is advisable to categorize them according to their topic. Look for important trends in the research and the most influential theories. If your literature review is extensive, you can find a table and place a filing card on it to organize all your findings into categories. Move them around till they fit better under their respective headings.

Step Five: Develop a thesis statement

Your thesis statement should summarize the conclusion you reached about the development and major trends you saw during the course of your research.

Step Six: Start writing

You can decide to start anywhere as long as you understand the right format to use. Follow the organizational structure you developed in the previous steps and include the headings and subheadings you constructed. Also, the citations must be included to avoid repetition or confusion that may come up later.

However, if you are pressed for time, you might start asking yourself questions such as, "who will write my literature review for me?" or “who will help write my literature review?" Either way, it is obvious that you need help writing a literature review. In this case, the best solution is to entrust your project to literature review writer online from a top-notch writing service.


There you have it! I have come up with this article to give a clear explanation about what you need to write a literature review. To have the best experience while writing your paper, it is advisable that you follow the steps I highlighted in this article.

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