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What is plagiarism?

What is plagiarism?

Author: Caitlin Malik

To guide students to a comprehensive understanding of plagiarism; its effect and consequences.


Essential Questions

What is plagiarism?

How do I recognize it?

What are the effects of plagiarism?

What are the consequences of plagiarism?




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What is Plagiarism?

Note - for technical reasons I am unable to upload files to these tutorials at the moment. I will use links until the problem is solved.

Any students having trouble accessing presentations should bring a USB flash drive to me for copying of actual files.


Tutorial Aspects:

  1. the definition of plagiarism
  2. types of plagiarism
  3. consequences of committing plagiarism


Learning Plan:

Monday: Read and / or watch the powerpoint presentation / video. Both contain similar information.


  • PPT

Megan Lowe,


  • Video



You can stop reading / watching when the presentation starts discussing ways to avoid plagiarism. We will look at citation; paraphrasing, quotation and summary separately.

Focus on the tutorial aspects.


** Assessment **

By the end of this week, students must email proof of certification from this online plagiarism quiz site.

Students can start self-testing now.


Tuesday Class Prep:

be ready for a quick quiz in class on aspects of plagiarism covered in this tutorial.

be ready to discuss the following:

Why is plagiarism wrong?

Consider the question in a personal and social context.



... see Tutorial 2 for Tuesday / Wednesday