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What is the 10 Skills Certificate?

What is the 10 Skills Certificate?

Author: Essential Skills

Explain the 10 Skills Certificate journey.

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The 10 Skills Certificate covers the foundational elements of the ten essential employability skills. The certificate experience is intended to be deeply reflective and personalized. As you work through each skill, you will be asked to think about ways you can apply what you are learning at work and in other areas of your life. You will have the opportunity to select strategies and practices to work on, set goals, and reflect on your progress and areas you would like to continue to develop. The certificate is a series of 10 courses, one for each of the 10 employability skills. For each course completion, you will earn a skill badge. In completing all 10 courses, you will earn the 10 Skills Certificate.

Course Descriptions

You’ll find that each of the 10 skills courses has a similar structure. Each course will walk you through these four components:

  • Fundamental Knowledge of the Skill
  • The Skill at Work
  • Taking the Skill to the Next Level
  • Planning Your Goals

Here is an example from the course, Developing the Essential Skill of Communication: