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What is the difference between an essay and a work in American universities

What is the difference between an essay and a work in American universities

Author: Audrey Davis

An essay is a small author's text, 1-2 pages, in which the student's personal thoughts on one or another socially significant or moral-ethical problem are stated. The essay should be short, subjective, emotionally colored because its purpose is usually not to give ready-made answers or teach something but to encourage the reader to ask important questions and open any topic from a new perspective.
Differences between essays on Essayforsales and other student genres

Because in our literary tradition, an essay is considered an extensive work on any topic, it is difficult for foreign students in American and European universities to catch the difference in genres.

An essay differs from a work by the purpose of writing, because an essay, as mentioned above, is a thought-provoking text, while work may contain a ready-made judgment or analysis, such as a novel.

The difference between an essay and an essay is that an essay should not describe an adventure and have no plot. Also, the essay differs from the abstract or report in that it does not contain the most complete factual material on the issue, but includes only those facts and arguments that are necessary to support the main idea.
How to prepare an essay faster and better

One of the difficulties of writing an essay for eternally busy students is the need to check the facts and figures in the reference literature. In fact, you always need a thorough and deep search on the Internet, in some cases - a visit to the library. But these facts still need to be written into the text so that there is a coherent structure and add emotions - for most, it is hard work for more than one day, because even successful students may have a weak spot in the form of creative writing. And then they use third-party ordering services, such as, to write which involves experts from different fields, who collect and competently present the material.

The purpose of the commissioned essay is to give the student a complete idea of ​​the subject of reasoning and to teach the presentation of opinions in the correct order. The student can rework and supplement the finished essay, because it is still unique, and can simply use several such works to improve their level and then write something of their own.
What is the power of essays in terms of learning

In the United States, teachers use home essays so often that students sometimes accumulate over the weekend up to 10 of these creative works in a variety of subjects. It is believed that writing an essay helps to develop a critical mind and the ability to argue their point of view, as well as emotionally lead the reader to certain conclusions.

The essay allows the teacher to assess not only the knowledge of the subject or a particular topic of the student, but also to follow the formation of his skills of expressing his position and in general the presence of such in him. From the point of view of the education system, this is one of the ultimate goals of learning, so essays have always been and will be an important part of it.

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